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    Shangani street
    Kenyatta road, Stone town,
  • Email: hellenartgallery@gmail.com
    Phone: +255 655422787
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    07:00 am - 08:00 pm
    Saturday - Closed


Here I welcome you to contact us by phone or email for any thing you need from our Gallery. And if you want to buy products, "Oline" from our Gallery, you can fill out the form bellow including the number of product(s) which you see under eachproduct.

If you buy more than one product, remember to separate numbers with coma or slash. Then we will inform you when we send your product(s).
Remember the delivery is free.

I am Hellen, A Gallery's owner and an African lady who live in Zanzibar-Tanzania East Africa.

Email: hellenartgallery@gmail.com
Phone: +255655422787